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I waited 8 hours and the tech finally showed up and didn't give me the impression he knew what he was doing. He took the power injector and instead of hooking it up to the multi-switch like some of the diagrams Ive seen, he hooked it up to the 1x8 switch. and then connected that cable from it back to the multi-switch. i mentioned that I saw some diagrams showing the power injector going straight to the multi-switch and he said he was instructed to do it this way, is that correct? I have 6 dvr's so he connected the new hr24 to one of the 1x8's and the other 5 to the other 1x8's. After he left I had to go back to troubleshoot an issue because I was getting 771a errors on one dvr and when I touched the switch, it was very hot, so I'm not sure if that is normal or the result of him hooking the power injector up wrong?

I also figured out that when he connected 5 dvr's to the one of the 1x8's, that was too many tuners on 1 splitter,so when i moved one cable over to the other 1x8, the 771a error went away. So i wonder if he knew what he was doing?

So the questions are, is the power connected the correct way (all dvr's seem to be working fine) and should the switch and power injector be hot?


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Except for not counting the tuners correctly, it doesn't seem that bad.

The SWiM-16 has two options for power:
1) the single connector marked PWR.
2) the SWM #1 that also has PWR marked.

The -16 does get warm/hot, but the PI shouldn't be getting that warm/hot.

You seem to have 2 8-way "splitters" connected to the -16, with the PI connected to the one power passing port on the splitter.
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