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New SWM Install with No Signal on Tuner 2

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I just installed a Slimline 5LNB dish and SWM-8 at my parents house. The 4 outputs of the dish go to the SWM module in the attic with 15 foot RG6 QUAD CCS. The SWM1 output runs about 40 feet to a SWS-4. The power passing leg then goes 30 feet to the PI and then a 1 foot cable from the PI to my HR21-200. The reason for the SWM is only 1 cable to get 2 tuners and the reason for the SWS is my parents plan on getting a new HD TV and receiver and the current cable from the old dish (3LNB still installed for time being) is in the attic above my room so it will be disconnected from the 3LNB and connected to the SWS4 without having to run new coax or use a barrel connector.

I get signals of mid to high 90s or 100s for tuner one sat 101, 110, 119. High 70s and mid 80s for 99 and 103s, mid 80s to low 90s for 99 and 103c. I know 99 and 103 could be peaked a little better but it was getting dark at the end. For the SWM signal level, all 9 transponders show a reading of 94-99. How come no signal is found on tuner 2 and why are all 9 swm transponders lit up (understand only ones used show signal strength)? I have tried RBR as well as unplugging both the PI and HR21 for 15 minutes, then plugging in the PI and waiting 3-4 minutes before plugging in the HR21. I have run the various tests and sat setup again to verify all settings look right (slimline, swm, dual tuners, etc.) but it keeps saying no signal on tuner 2 as well as 771 searching for signal on satellite in 2 messages.

What do I need to do to get tuner 2 to work? I will leave both unplugged all night and retry in the morning pending other answers/suggestions.


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brockley said:
Tried with a 40-2150 mhz splitter from RS, no luck, same problem. I will try again with the non high freq. barrel connector and see if I can get those transponders to show again. I hate to ask again, but anyone else have any suggestions on how I can get this working?
"That splitter" isn't going to be very good. You need a 2-2,150 MHz, but if it's rated for 5-2150 MHz, then it should work fine.
brockley said:
Ok, found a high freq barrel connector (from the standard cable coax in the attic). Getting low signals on some transponders on tuner 2. I will post all of my signals and let me know what you guys think of them.

Seems every signal on tuner 2 is less than half of the value for tuner 1. Also notice some of the SWM tuner 2 are 0 instead of half.

What do these signal levels indicate to you guys? Bad cable? Bad connector on a cable? Anything?

Thanks again. Hope to solve this soon.
I just had to move my SWMLine today [trees] and after looking at all of those screens on my receiver: what "I see" is a bad receiver.
brockley said:
Hmm, both tuners were working fine about 2 months ago in my old house connected to a slimline directly with two cables. Guess it could have gone bad since then. Any way to check the possibility of a bad tuner? Run a second line from the dish and bypass the SWM? I am just worried that the receiver might tune fine with 2 cables directly but not with the SWM and that might not warrant a replacement unit from DirecTV.

Also of note, I only get those readings on tuner 2 when using the high freq barrel connector. When the cable is run through a DirecTV approved high freq. splitter for the SWM it does not receive any signal on tuner 2.
With the SWM configuration, as you know it doesn't use SAT 2 input. This means it's switched inside. I've have receivers either not work on SWMs or only work on SWMs.
It's just another circuit [path] that you hadn't tested/used before. Using the barrel may just be a higher signal level than the splitter and able to have some of it "leak" across the bad part inside the box.
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