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New TVersity & radiotime.com

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Not sure where else to post this. I just downloaded and installed the latest version of TVersity and while I really like the new UI, it is very sharp and polished.

To my horror I cannot find the radiotime.com stations anymore. The main reason I wanted TVersity in the first place is to listen to internet radio via the HR 20-700. In particular I enjoy 70's and 80's rock stations from London UK. And the BBC stations. Also Jack FM from Indpls. I can't find access to any of that. Has TVersity done away with the radiotime.com stations? If so I wish they would reconsider as I said that was what drew me to TVersity in the first place. Thanks for any help/ideas.
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ronenmiz said:
They are out in RC1 for the time being. They will be re-introduced into the content and from the guide you can subscribe to the ones you like.

Until then you can go to radiotime.com and add the URLs of radio stations you like to TVersity.

The reason for the change is the fact that lots of URLs became out of date and we had no proper update mechanism.
I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to my post. Thank you very much. I do really like TVersity in fact I'd prefer it to be my only media server, knowing I can add my London radio stations makes TVersity even better suited to my needs.

I had actually tried going to radiotime.com last night and bringing up a London station and adding the url under audio url's in TVersity but it didn't show up. I don't know if I added the wrong thing or what, I'm a novice at this sort of thing. So I may have done something wrong.

I had noticed that the youtube.com clips that were offered before are apparently gone, or at least I couldn't find them, didn't have a lot of time to mess around with the UI, I pretty much just installed it last night and started using it via the DVR right away. I'll take time today to go over the new features. I'm hoping perhaps it will be possible to add favorite youtube clips to TVersity. I already enjoy using viewmy.tv with TVersity.

Anyway, overall I am happy with TVersity and again thank you for the kind reply.
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bhelton71 said:
Melody -

For youtube videos - on the Guide page of the UI - there is a toolbar with 'Featured', 'Top Videocasts', etc. Just click on YouTube, then you will see a list of the standard feeds. Just click the + button on any you want to show up.

There are a lot of different ways to add Favorites or Playlists or even just single YouTube videos - depends on what you are trying to get :).
Thank you for the help. I wasn't sure if I was able to add just youtube.com videos that I found on youtube's site or not. I thought maybe the only one's I would have access to were ones that were preselected on the UI to choose from.

Anyway when I have more time I will have to put my glasses on and check out the UI better, I guess I have missed some features now offered. Again, thanks.
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