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New TVersity & radiotime.com

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Not sure where else to post this. I just downloaded and installed the latest version of TVersity and while I really like the new UI, it is very sharp and polished.

To my horror I cannot find the radiotime.com stations anymore. The main reason I wanted TVersity in the first place is to listen to internet radio via the HR 20-700. In particular I enjoy 70's and 80's rock stations from London UK. And the BBC stations. Also Jack FM from Indpls. I can't find access to any of that. Has TVersity done away with the radiotime.com stations? If so I wish they would reconsider as I said that was what drew me to TVersity in the first place. Thanks for any help/ideas.
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Great job!

Love the new interface for TVersity - it just keeps getting better and better... :hurah:
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