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BigSey said:
I'm one of the happy people. My HR20-700 was taking up to 10 seconds to pull up my playlist but it's now less than a second with the new update. It changes channels quickly, pulls up the info menu quickly and even brings up the guide quickly.

I was ready to drop the thing out the window but I'd like to thank you, DirecTV, for making my DVR work the way it's supposed to.
I'm pulling for ya! Keep in mind, previous dramatic improvements in reducing sluggishness were followed by a gradual (within a week to 10 days) return to molassis. Here's hoping the problems (specifically with the HR20-700) are really fixed. My long term favorite DVR (HR20-700) has been intermittently (more often than not, however) very sluggish for quite some time. (many months, but not years)
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