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NoOTA said:
.... Also loose all the stored recording if get a new unit, as they are tied to the unit ID, not my account ID. If I'm going to loose all, I might as well look around for other options...
Richierich said:
Well, I would Suggest buying an Owned HR24-500 and the Replace the Internal Hard Drive with a 2 TB WD20EADS and be done with it!!!

All 5 of my Owned HR24-500 are Fast because I have Replaced the Internal Hard Drive with a Faster 2 TB WD20EADS Drive and they all work Fast.

However, others with HR24-500s and other model HR24s are experience Sluggishness and the Only Difference is that I Replaced my Internal Drive with a Faster Drive with a Larger Cache Buffer Area.
I realize that replacing the drive gives the extra capacity and makes a response difference but how would that help keep "the recordings" when that drive or unit fails? It is my understanding that the an external drive (just like the internal drive) w/recordings gets "married" to the DVR that records it..... unless I'm misinformed.

Please forgive my ignorance as I have yet to receive my 1st HRxx.

I'm just so used to the old SD DTivos that I can copy the contents of the old drive to a new one then reinstall it or remarry it if necessary to another unit.
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