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New user, transfer between 2 dvrs?

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I just had my service installed yesterday and have a few questions that I'm hoping the community can answer for me.

I received 2 of the R22-100 DVR's and am wondering if there is anyway to stream a show recorded on one to the other DVR. I do have both devices plugged into an ethernet jack and they are seen on the network.

Along the same lines can I stream content from a PC (I use linux) to the DVR, or less likely pull recordings from the DVR to the PC?

Lastly I noticed the DVR's have both USB and ESATA ports, if I can't move stuff over the network can I get either a USB or ESATA external hard drive and transfer content that way?

I'm coming from a TIVO DVR and had it rather extensively hacked so I'd like to get some of the features I'm used to out of the dish DVRs, otherwise I'll have to purchase an IR adaptor for the TV and use it in conjunction with a standard reciever as well, but I'd still like my wife to be able to use the Dish DVR.
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Michael D'Angelo;1726954 said:
:welcome_s to DBSTalk!

The feature you are talking about is called MRV (multi Room Viewing). If you do a search for MRV you will find some discussion about it. The one thing to remember is anything you read is 100% speculation at this point. MRV is suppose to be added at some point but we don't know when yet.

There is a option called "Media Share" and that will allow you to stream music, photo's, and video from your PC to your R22's. I am not sure if it work with linux though. Hopefully someone will be able to answer that for you.

There is no way to transfer recordings to your PC.

The eSATA connection is used to add an eSATA drive for more recording capacity. It replaces the internal drive, it does not add on and the recordings can not be played on another unit. The recordings are married to the unit they were recorded on.
Thanks for the welcome. What are the steps to access the Media Share, and what programs in Windows work with it? I've become quite apt at finding a linux version for windows software.
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