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Two posts about a dual OTA 722k:
whatchel1 said:
I found out today in the more detailed release that it is a software upgrade to all VIP receivers. The 722k will be coming out "soon" and have 2 sat tuners and can have 2 modules added to have 2 OTA tuners.
garys said:
Just a note, Dish is supposed to release a 722k model with will have two ota tuners, one each for tv1 and tv2 outputs. I have not heard a release date for the receiver yet.
And a post about the slingbox version 722s:
DustoMan said:
This leads me to wonder if we have a new "modular" ViP coming "soon" from Echostar that might do both and more depending on "modules." Anyone out there have inside info as I was planning on replacing my two 508's in September, but I'd wait for a slingbox capable ViP.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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