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Newbie and SWM setup help

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Hi, I am new to the SWM talk. I bought an HR 34 online and just found out yesterday that I can't connect my receiver without a SWM 16 multiswitch. I will have the HR 34 and 2 HR 22's in my house. My question is about wiring from the multiswitch to the actual receivers. I have been reading these threads like crazy trying to figure it out but was hoping for some clarification to see if I am correct.

Will I need to have one cable coming out of the SWM 1 on the multiswitch that goes to the power inserter and then from the power inserter to the HR 34?

Then one cable out of the SWM 2 on the multiswitch to a splitter that will use one cable that goes to the SAT 1 input on each of the HR 22 receivers? The SAT 2 input will have nothing connected to it? So there would only be 3 actual cables (1 to each receiver) that I will be using instead of the normal 6 (2 going to each receiver).
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oilsfan23 said:
A band stop filter on the HR-22 connected to the CCK or the HR-22 connected to the deca receiver?
Any receiver that:
Doesn't have an internal DECA,
Doesn't have an external DECA,
Needs a bandstop filter added to its input, if connected to a DECA networking system.

A CCK in pass through mode, doesn't change this.
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