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Newbie and SWM setup help

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Hi, I am new to the SWM talk. I bought an HR 34 online and just found out yesterday that I can't connect my receiver without a SWM 16 multiswitch. I will have the HR 34 and 2 HR 22's in my house. My question is about wiring from the multiswitch to the actual receivers. I have been reading these threads like crazy trying to figure it out but was hoping for some clarification to see if I am correct.

Will I need to have one cable coming out of the SWM 1 on the multiswitch that goes to the power inserter and then from the power inserter to the HR 34?

Then one cable out of the SWM 2 on the multiswitch to a splitter that will use one cable that goes to the SAT 1 input on each of the HR 22 receivers? The SAT 2 input will have nothing connected to it? So there would only be 3 actual cables (1 to each receiver) that I will be using instead of the normal 6 (2 going to each receiver).
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Welcome to DBStalk. What you have planned sounds right. Will you be connecting any of your receivers to the internet?
If your wireless connection kit looks like this Peripheral Input device Output device Rectangle Gadget
then you should be able to use it hooked up inline with the HR-34. For your two HR-22 you will need receiver DECA.


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Actually, I think you could hook it up either way, and it should work if you connected it to the HR-34. As the HR-34 does not disable its internal DECA when an ethernet cable is connected to it. Some one can correct me if I am wrong.
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