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Newbie install :low signal, Terk ota, 771 problems

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my 1st time installing, going from 18" to non SWM 5lnb HD Slimline using TV meter only, after doing setup of sat, max signal is 73 on 101, I blocked lnb with my hand and signal did not go to zero, 99 and 103 zero's even with BBC installed,they want their clip-on TERK ota so I then installed that at the dish, then got 771 error, took TERK off, still getting 771 even after power downs and unplugs , mixture of RG6 and RG59 cable, tomorrow going to run RG6 from dish straight to H21-200, if still 771 maybe bad lnb???

Hooked up old 18" dish for tonite and picture is OK , so receiver has to be OK

I'm guessing w/o a meter I can't test lnb ??

I wired the Terk wrong at 1st, maybe cooked lnb??
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With max signal of 73 on 101, your dish is way off alignment. On 101 you should see a few signals at or near 100 when the dish is aligned. How many transponders are you seeing on 101? You might be pointed at the wrong satellite.
And unless the dish is aligned reasonable close to correctly, you will see no signals on 99 and 103.
Are you "dithering" the dish to find the center of the 101 beam?

This is unlikely (although possible) to be a cable or LNB issue
ndole said:
Also worth noting that those clip-on OTA antennas usually use diplexing to integrate the OTA signal into the sat coax. That won't play we'll with the 99 or the 103cb. Leave it unhooked :lol:
Yes, if you don't have SWM, you can't use diplexing because the frequency bands overlap. If you have SWM and "whole home', ditto - diplexing is out. If you have SWM without whole home, diplexing can be made to work with the right diplexers (only some models will work) but DirecTv does not support diplexing in ANY situation so it's best avoided, unless you know exactly what you are doing.
ndole said:
I figured that since a BBC was mentioned, they were working with a conventional system :lol:
Yes, I read that too. I just thought I would post the complete diplexing situation for anyone who was reading the post.
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