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Newbie install :low signal, Terk ota, 771 problems

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my 1st time installing, going from 18" to non SWM 5lnb HD Slimline using TV meter only, after doing setup of sat, max signal is 73 on 101, I blocked lnb with my hand and signal did not go to zero, 99 and 103 zero's even with BBC installed,they want their clip-on TERK ota so I then installed that at the dish, then got 771 error, took TERK off, still getting 771 even after power downs and unplugs , mixture of RG6 and RG59 cable, tomorrow going to run RG6 from dish straight to H21-200, if still 771 maybe bad lnb???

Hooked up old 18" dish for tonite and picture is OK , so receiver has to be OK

I'm guessing w/o a meter I can't test lnb ??

I wired the Terk wrong at 1st, maybe cooked lnb??
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I had 70's on all transponders on 101 no matter how much I turned or tilted the dish, what is bothering me is the dish did not zero when I completely blocked the lnb, like the reciver was stuck, but when I rehooked the 18" up the recvr is working fine, I'm going there now to run a RG6 cable straight to rcvr and try the "repeat sat setup" in menu.

Carl, there are no mutiswitches, this is 5lnb non swm install, 4 outputs from dish,only 1 recvr in this house, there is RG6 from dish to house, then inside house is RG59. The dish did come with PI 21V power inserter, I don't know why ,again this is non swm dish so its not installed

went to Dishpointing.com to see 101 orientation for that neighborhood, so I feel confident I'm looking at 101
Man, you guys were right. I wasn't on 101 sat. What happened is I zoomed in too much on Dishpointer and was just using the neighbors house as only reference to where to point dish at 101. As I zoomed out the angle changed , so I moved dish accordingly , everything after that went good, all sat's in the 90's.

The lnb stuck/not zeroing story is embarrising. There are cable splitters, inline connectors, old sat cables all coming in this house at one area. When I brought my new RG6 line into the house, I thought I connected inline to the room receiver using the existing RG59 wiring, but connected to cable jacks instead, so all along yesterday the receiver was still connected to OLD dish, no wonder numbers weren't changing when tweaking the new dish.

Thanks to all who helped
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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