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Newbie Installation Questions

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Just signed up today and the install will happen on July 5. I'm wondering if I ordered the receivers correctly. I only plan to use two TVs, one on each floor of my home. I ordered the HMC so my wife could watch pre-recorded programs on one TV while I watch something else on another. The larger hard drive also factored into my decision. I also ordered an HD receiver, but I'm beginning to wonder if the HD receiver is redundant, since presumably the HMC would cover both TVs. Any reason I should keep the HD receiver?

Note: Just called Direct and asked the same question. They told me that unless I had a Samsung RVU TV, I would need the extra receiver.
Would appreciate if someone could confirm this.

And one final question: My upstairs TV is an older Panasonic EDTV. The video connection from my current DISH receiver is an S-video cable.
Wondering if the Direct HD receivers still have S-video jacks? Eventually, I plan to replace the TV with an HD TV, but for now it serves our purposes.
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Yes, you received correct information. The HR34 requires a remote HD Receiver to view its recordings on the remote TV, unless that TV is a recent Samsung model with built-in "RVU client".

The newest DirecTV HD Receivers/DVRs do not have an SVideo jack, but you might get an older model that does.
Thanks. Just realized I could dismantle my DVD player (which I rarely use in my LR) and hook the component cables up to the HD box for now.
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