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Newbie installing a 2nd HR22

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I recently had DTV profressionally installed about 2 days ago. The most recent Slimline Dish with one HR22 and four D12 (the free) receivers. Everything was working fine until I decided I wanted to replace one of the four D12s with another HR22. So I went up to Best Buy and bought/leased one, only to get back home and attempt to hook it up with no luck. "Searching for signal" is all I pretty much get on the screen. Now, of course I did some research and it looks as if I need single wire multi-switch which I believe is already on the slimline dish.

How can I remedy my problem?
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How many cables are coming from your dish. If just 1 then you have a SWM LNB. If 4 then you don't.

If there are 4 they will be going to a 6X8 switch. You will have to run a new line from that switch to the new HR22.

If there is 1 cable coming from your dish make sure you didn't use the B-Band convertor.
You started out with one HR22 and four D12 receivers, correct? That is six tuners total (2 in the DVR, plus the 4 in the SD receivers). That means that you must have either (a) an SWMLine dish, (b) a 5-LNB dish with an external SWM, or (c) a 5-LNB dish with an external WB68 multiswitch.

Depending on which of those configuraitons you have will determine what you need to do to add another receiver or DVR.

If you have either (a) or (b), meaning you have SWM technology, then all you should need to do is split one of the feeds going to any of the existing receivers and run a coax from there to the new DVR. If you have (c), then you need two coax cables run from the multiswitch location to the new receiver location.

If you have either (a) or (b), then you do not need the b-band converters (small boxes with coax pigtail attached to the satellite inputs on your HR22). If you have (c), then your new DVR will also need the b-band converters.

Easiest way to tell if you have SWM technology is to look at the back of your original HR22. If there is one coax going directly to the Sat 1/FTM port of the DVR (and no b-band converter), then you have SWM. If there are two coax going to the DVR and they have the little boxes in line, then you do not have SWM.

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