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No DirecTV HD for Vista Media Center until 2010?

From Engadget,

It has been three months since we received leaked confirmation that the yet to be officially announced DirecTV HD tuner for Vista Media Center (VMC) was part of an upcoming update code named Fiji (expected in October). The fact that so much time has passed and our sources still haven't actually received a tuner was really starting to bother us. So we got even more concerned when we learned that the first release candidate issued to testers was missing required pieces to make the HDPC-20 possible. Unlike the previous beta releases, RC0 was missing native H.264 support which is vital to both DirecTV support and the latest Hauppauge HD PVR component capture device. Then to add insult to injury, many are now reporting that the update that will be officially called Windows Media Center TV Pack will only be available through OEMs. We're not sure if this means you'll have to download the update from Dell (for example) rather than Windows Update, but we can't see how the update could effectively be restricted to OEM installs. The testers we've talked to have reportedly been told that H.264 and DirecTV support have been pushed to Windows 7, which would mean it'll be 2010 before we see it. More about Fiji after the jump.

There is one other possibility though, at least one well respected member of DBSTalk reported that as recent as June 30th, the tuner is indeed being tested and he's actually seen it in action. This makes us think that when faced with all the leaks, Microsoft may have made the the DirecTV tuner beta smaller. We have been told that there are other private betas and we'd like to think that this is what is going on. We contacted Microsoft to see if they'd share their plans, and as you can expect, we never heard back.

So what is up here?
Is this why we are testing the cyber link software?

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I don't understand all this concern over "native H.264", as both ATI & Nvidia support this in their [latest] video drivers/cards. :confused:

MCE 2005 didn't come with a MPEG-2 decoder either. It was part of the Nvidia TV, for mine.
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