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NFL Jets/Jaguars TV Kick-off Question

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Our friends (?) at DirecTV has slated the game to start on channel 711 at 4pm ET from the CBS Television Network according to the sports schedules on channel 753. Is this correct? CBS was showing a morning start all day Sunday and online tv listings this afternoon (Tuesday) still show it starting in the morning. 8 games in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. Which is correct? This affects alot of people and planning not to mention the games on the distant local channels. Does anyone know? Does this get secretly fixed at DirecTV? :) Thanks!
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Jets/Jags at 1pm ET. The NFL doesn't schedule the two NY, as well as the Bay Area teams games against each other on TV. Giants play at Arizona at 4pm ET, so the Jets game is the early game.
One of the 9 people up to this point that have read this thread fixed the problem between 6 and 7:00pm PT tonight on Tuesday. You would hate to think that DirecTV had this in error for 2 days on their TV screens and no one fixed it. Oh well, at least it's fixed before gametime which is good for DirecTV. Planning of what to put on what TV can now officially begin for Week #4. :) Thanks, DirecTV.

Looks like the merger won't go through. That means you people at DirecTV will have to step it up as your programming help won't be there now if that's what you were planning on having for 2003 and beyond. Just listen to the games announcers (rain delays especially) and watch the TV listings to try and fix these things before they get on screen. Looks awful for 2 days for 10 million people to see a Jets game start at 4pm ET when you have it scrolling on the sports listing channels. Sheesh! :)
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