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NFL Network Blackout?

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I was blacked out of the Cowboys vs. Chargers game last week. I live in Texas, but I thought NFLN would be like ESPN with national coverage.
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We were blackouted here in south texas also.
We were also blacked out here in SoCal. Had to watch it on the local CBS affiliate (Channel 2).
A blackout will occur IF the game is readily available on another channel. This generally should only apply to San Diego and Dallas markets

HOWEVER, if you have Sprint cell phones that are capable of receiving Sprint TV, you could view the game on your cell phone (no blackout) on the NFL network channel from Sprint TV (no subscription required, download rates may apply). This is of course a mute point now that the game is over but I thought it was cool to watch the Redskins game on NFL Network on my phone while seated AT the game even though I knew it was blacked out on NFL network.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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