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NFL Network: Why can't they clean up their act?

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Why can't they manage to show the HD telecasts in HD? In last weekend's delayed telecasts, the Pittsburgh-Philadelphia game was in SD for nearly 50 minutes before they switched to HD. The NYJ-Cleveland game started in HD then switched to SD after 15 minutes and stayed that way the rest of the game. The same thing happened a number of times in last year's pre-season.

I also don't get why they scroll scores on the bottom of the screen during delayed telecasts, sometimes even showing the score of the current telecast. At halftime of last night's Pittsburgh-Buffalo delayed telecast, they showed highlights of the complete game, including the final score. Do they really think we want to see the final score of the game at halftime?

And why show fuzzy SD highlights of games when other networks like ESPN are showing almost all of their highlight footage in HD? It just doesn't seem to be a very professionally-run operation.
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