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BEARS over ATLANTA .................Cleveland over Bengals (Browns keep their helmets on and beat Cinci) :D
Carolina over Lions................PACKERS over NEW ORLEANS
KC over Jags ......................Indy over Dolphins
TITANS over DALLAS .................Seattle over Cardnials
St. Louis over Giants...............Minnesota over Bills
SF over Broncos ....................San Deigo over Texans
Steelers over Raiders..............EAGLES over WASHINGTON

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Oh well, 8-8 in Week One, guess it's Jack in the Box and not Ruth's Chris this week. :)

Week 2:

Falcons 28 Bears 20 - If Mike Brown makes another game changing INT I may not go against the Bears again.

Browns 30 Bengals 13 - Don't worry Browns fans, the Bengals to the rescue(ie..no 4th Qtr hijinks).

Panthers 13 Lions 9 - It's too bad the Bengals, Lions, Panthers and Ravens can't just play all 16 games against each other.

Saints 31 Packers 28 - Fun game of the week #1, Let's just hope "Who Dat" and the "Benson Boogie" don't reappear.

Chiefs 32 Jaguars 27- Looks like there's no D in J'ville and KC, Fun game of the week #2.

Colts 23 Dolphins 20 - So the Fish score 49 points in week one, woohoo you did it against the Lions. Score half that against the Colts, yes the Colts, and I'll be impressed.

Patriots 20 Jets 17 - Vinatierri wins one again for Pats.

Bucs 24 Ravens 14 - No cheers from the Raiders Locker Room this week.

Titans 24 Cowboys 13 - How 'bout them Cowboys!

Seahawks 21 Cardinals 20 - Trent Dilfer saves the day(and season) for Hawks. BTW, if the NFL can open the season in oppresively humid J'ville, Miami and Tampa, It can open the season in Arizona. Rant off. :)

Rams 19 Giants 15 - Bad news Rams fans, Mike Martz might have to coach in the Regular season this year.

Vikings 38 Bills 21 - There's no place like Dome for the Vikes.

Broncos 23 Niners 17 - Overrated team vs. overrated QB, take the QB.

Chargers 27 Texans 14 - Carr's helmets will fit better after this game.

Raiders 24 Steelers 20 - What is it with beards in Pitt, first O'Donnell's scuffy now Cowher's stubble.

Redskins 28 Eagles 27 - Ahhh, it was so nice to hear as well as watch MNF. Dennis who? Fun game of the week #3.

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After an 8-8 week here, too, I'll take another shot:

Chicago 32, Atlanta 10: I'm not sure Atlanta can stop anyone.

Detroit 21, Carolina 14: No way can Carolina go 2-0. Is it time for Joey yet?

Kansas City 28, Jacksonville 24: The Chiefs are the Team of Destiny for 2002. You heard it here first.

San Francisco 23, Denver 21: Close matchup, I'm taking the team who had 10 days to prepare.

Tennessee 30, Dallas 7: QB's should not be named Quincy.

St. Louis 35, New York Giants 14: They shouldn't be named Kerry either.

New England 21, New York Jets 16: Pats special teams will pay attention.

Oakland 24, Pittsburgh 17: Pittsburgh gets an early bye week, and they'll need it.

Cincinnati 17, Cleveland 14: Browns find it difficult to play with their helmets stapled to their heads.

Green Bay 24, New Orleans 20: Saints cannot go 2-0. It's not allowed.

Miami 38, Indianapolis 25: There's no D in Inianapolis.

Tampa Bay 28, Baltimore 6: How the mighty have fallen.

Arizona 23, Seattle 10: A quarterback vs. a Hasselbeck.

Minnesota 34, Buffalo 20: Back indoors where they belong.

San Diego 17, Houston 7: Someone goes to 2-0.

Philadelphia 21, Washington 16: Because I'll cry if the Eagles go 0-2.

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Well, if my Eagles come through tonight, I can soar to another 8-8 week and tie Charles. Gee, we're really good at this, huh?

Is anyone here interested in a "lock" football pool? Each player picks one winning team each week. If that team wins, they survive. One loss, and you're done. The winner is the last man standing, or if all the remaining players are eliminated in the same week, whoever's picks have won by the biggest margin.

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Sorry Charles, I'm glad your double checking me.
This is the NFL......there very unpredictable, these are tough picks.
I find college football much more predictable.

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I am very disappointed in the Titans, but the Cowboys, a team who they shut out 2 years ago, played well yesterday. I still can't believe that Hollis 54yd kick for the Bills. The Vikings had their chances to win in OT but what awful play calling, 3 yd rush, 3yd rush, missed catch, punt, and repeat for next possession. :rolleyes:
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