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There is an order on how they air the short cuts.

The AFC teams are on channel 704 while the NFC teams are on channel 705. The order in which each team is aired on the respective channel depends on which Sunday Ticket channel they were on and whether they were home or away.

The home teams with the lowest Sunday Ticket channel number are aired first. Once the home teams have aired then the away teams are aired also in order of lowest Sunday Ticket channel number to highest..

As an example, let's look at Week 8 2012. Here's the ST channel lineup for this week.

704 -- Panthers @ Bears
705 -- Seahawks @ Lions
706 -- Falcons @ Eagles
707 -- Redskins @ Steelers
708 -- Chargers @ Browns
709 -- Jaguars @ Packers
710 -- Dolphins @ Jets
711 -- Patriots @ Rams
712 -- Colts @ Titans
713 -- Raiders @ Chiefs
714 -- Giants @ Cowboys

Notice that the Steelers are the first AFC home team listed. Therefore, they would be the first team aired on the Short Cuts on channel 704. Next it would be the Browns, followed by the Jets and then the Titans and Chiefs. After that look at the AFC away teams. That order would be Chargers, Jaguars, Dolphins, Patriots, Colts and Raiders. That order would repeat throughout the short cut airing on Monday and Tuesday.

With the NFC, you can see that the order would be Bears, Lions, Eagles, Packers, Rams, Cowboys, Panthers, Seahawks, Falcons, Redskins and Giants.
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