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NFL Sunday Ticket Interactive

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Last Sunday (9/28/08 I could not get scores, stats etc. during Sunday ticket, also no player alerts. In fact, interactive buttons worked as if no NFL interactive, brought up channels/guide etc.

Anyone else have the problem, worked fine the previous week. R15-300 receiver.

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Nope, no problem at all. However, if you accidentally hit the exit button it will exit out of the interactive application and would act as you describe. However a channel change would bring it right back to working.
Thanks, I'll check it out today. However, I know that I did change channels numerous times but still no interactive.
Maybe restart the receiver to give it a good "kick in the pants". :)
I didn't think about it until I read this but I'm not sure if mine was working, either. Not saying it didn't work. I just don't remember seeing it.
I'll give that a try if it doesn't work today. Also, have other interactive receivers so I'll give them a check today if the primary doesn't work. For what it's worth the DT Interactive channel does work, don't know if that should or shouldn't. Last year I would lose the interactive channel until 9:00 pm during Sunday ticket.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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