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Today was the first time I've had time to really "play" with the colored buttons on the remote with NFL Sunday Ticket SuperFan.

Very nice. Not one problem, and early in the afternoon, I find using the Red button for SCORES wrapped around the HD game I'm watching is quite good. They manage not to kill the resolution of the main viewing area and the text for the other games updates periodically (but definitely not in real time).

Things I particularly like:

The other games in score boxes are color coded so:

1. You can tell who has the ball.

2. If they are in the Red Zone (inside the 20) (Red)

3. If they just scored (Green)

4. Approximate time on the clock (subject to the update period)

5. You can switch to a game of interest (as in when a team is in the Red Zone) by highlighting it's text box and pressing select. I also like that when you get to the new selected game, you can hit the Red button on the remote and get the full wrap around Scores again, but this time, with the new game you selected in the large viewing area.

6. The games in the Mix are HD if possible, which I also like (if you highlight a game, and it is available in HD, it switches to the HD version of the game, not the SD. That is VERY GOOD!

I found this set of features to be very pleasing and functional, as I like quite a few teams. I used it all afternoon for the full set of early games and did not have one malfunction. It really added to my viewing pleasure, and did not distract me from the main game I was trying to follow.

I don't like the Game View (multiple games) ...size/resolution is poor and it's much too "visually busy" for my ability to focus.

In any case, I really like this capability in the HR20. Well done D*!
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