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NFL SundayTicket / Superfan Week #2 *UPDATED*

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NFL SundayTicket/Superfan Schedule
Attached is the weekly NFL Schedule customized for DIRECTV's SundayTicket and Superfan subscribers. Red highlight games are 1080i, Blue highlight games are 720p broadcasts. The keyword "in-work", if in the thread Title, indicates there are still updates to be made; you might wait to download and customize your coffee table copy.

Time Zone Schedules
Attachments are provided for each Time Zone; please note the attachment names to download the correct PDF for your time zone.

Customize your Schedule
The PDF schedules are formatted with the 'typewriter tool' enabled, so you can edit in the channel numbers for the games provided by your local affiliates.

SundayTicket and Superfan Broadcasts
The rightmost column, the SundayTicket Section, provides the SundayTicket SD and Superfan HD assignments [Channels 704 through 718]. Channel numbers are the same for both the SD and HD broadcasts, but the HD channel has a "-1" (dash one) suffix. On your remote, the dash key is to the left of the 0 (zero) key.

National Game Broadcasts
You will need to pencil in, or edit in, your LIL (Local-Into-Local) CBS, FOX and NBC channel numbers for your local stations. In most cases (the rules are complex), DIRECTV is required to blackout a SundayTicket and/or Superfan game that duplicates programming offered by your local CBS or FOX affiliate.

Regional Game Broadcasts
Using TV Distribution Maps, you will know in advance which regional games your local CBS and FOX affiliates will be carrying and you can pencil in, or edit in, those updates on the schedule. This Link takes you to the website providing NFL TV Game Distribution Maps for both CBS and FOX. When your local affiliate broadcasts a game, DIRECTV is obligated to black it out on SundayTicket and Superfan (if your LIL offers HD) in your DMA. The DMA Maps are available late in the week preceding the games.

Local Game Broadcasts
Remember, NFL blackout rules apply: if a home game isn't sold out, your local station and DIRECTV are both required to black out that live game in your home DMA.

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Yep keep these coming!! Was looking forward to this schedule!!

This really helps and is appreciated.
The Regional TV Distribution Maps for CBS and FOX for NFL Week 2 are complete and posted now (Wednesday). It's nice to have them a little earlier than usual.

If you are new to all this, the link to the distribution maps is in post #1.
Looks like a great day of Football Sunday. I for one am glad there are more late games to choose from this Sunday.
I Love this thread! And now I know that I get to watch the Packers in 720P this weekend ;)

Great Job very good work!
I have used this for two year and never said thanks..

the [email protected] game was moved to monday nite 8:30pm et due to the hurricane....how does that then work for sunday ticket ?
dcowboy7 said:
the [email protected] game was moved to monday nite 8:30pm et due to the hurricane....how does that then work for sunday ticket ?
The Ravens @ Houston has fallen off the Sunday Ticket schedule, per the DIRECTV SundayTicket EMail schedule. (But the website schedule is still wrong.)

DIRECTV's EMail also shows the 49ERS/Seahawks as a 1:00 pm game, but NFL.com still carries it as a 4:05 pm game.

LOTS of confusion, it seems.

Well, we're not quite sure why or how it happened, but the good folks at the NFL and ESPN have decided that the Monday night game between the Baltimore Ravens and Houston Texans will be available to DirecTV customers.

"After taking a closer look at it, we have decided that our Sunday Ticket subscribers will receive Monday night's telecast of the Baltimore Ravens at Houston Texans game," NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told us by e-mail a few moments ago.

The game won't be available via DirecTV in Baltimore or Houston, but it wouldn't be available via DirecTV in those cities if they played the game on Sunday. In those cities, it can be seen on the local CBS affiliate.

Kudos to the league and ESPN for doing the right thing

The online guide sure enough shows channel 717/717-1 as the Ravens/Texans game -- on Monday Night.

Now THAT'S a first time event!!

Due to Hurricane Ike, which is expected to impact the Gulf Coast of Texas this weekend, the NFL has rescheduled the game between the Baltimore Ravens and Houston Texans for Monday, September 15. As an NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ subscriber, you will be able to watch the game live on Monday night.

Baltimore Ravens at Houston Texans
Monday, September 15
8:30 PM ET
Channel 717
Channel 717-1 (HD)
& now the game is off again due to roof damage.

new sched:

- Baltimore & Houston get their byes this week.
- Week 10 Cincinnati @ Houston moves to Week 8.
- Baltimore @ Houston then moves to Week 10.
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