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Carolina might be the first great Hockey City in the south, I thought their crowd was electric last tonight.

Did anyone watch that game? There were almost as many Maple Leaf fans in that building as there were Canes fans??? Scalpers must have had a field day, or that many tickets were still available. Reminded me of game four of the Caps Wings game a few years ago. As many Wings fans as Caps fans.

It was so hard for Carolina to put their speed into use because the Leafs kept stopping so many rushes before center ice...incredible. But they kept coming.

The dump and chase wasn't working either, so they just kept trying to carry it in. It must have been frustrating, but they eventually did get in.

It should be interesting to see how Carolina fairs in Toronto. How was the Carolina ice? A better surface might enable the Canes to move in a little faster and that could cause trouble for Toronto, but I must admit it seemed hard for Carolina, once they got in, for them to get down low.

This is turning into a very interesting series.
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