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I don't want to toot my own horn but I just had to inform a customer there was a charge for a service call (the most dreaded thing to have to do on earth..lol) and he was very nice about it. I was so happy he didn't yell at me I gave him $10/mo off his bill for 12 mos.


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ToiletKitty said:
xD There's nothing like taking a couple minutes to figure out just how to tell a customer something like that, take a deep breath, say it and then... the customer agrees. Isn't it confusing some times?
it could be 'It costs Directv 120.00 every time we send out a tech, but we are giving you a break and only charging 79.95'

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dtvcsr said:
We are closely monitored on our credit usage and have strict limits.
In our increasingly paranoid and pc society, we will all soon be closely monitored and have strict limits.

Uh oh, it's already happening! :eek2:
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