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No 720p/1080i with HR-20 & Sammy DLP TV

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I have an HR-20 connected to a Samsung HLN467WX DLP TV with a
Hauppauge 1212 connected in between the two using component
cables. When I came home yesterday, I had no picture.

I have another DVR connected to one of the other component inputs
on the TV, so I switched the two at the TV. The problem went from
one component input to the other, so that should rule out the TV
input as the source of the problem.

The next thing I tried was to take the 1212 out of the loop and
connect the HR-20 directly to the TV. When I did that, I got a
'Not supported mode' message from the TV. I toggled the resolution
on the front panel of the DVR and discovered that I get the 'Not
supported mode' message on 720p and 1080i, but I can get a picture
on 480i and 480p.

The TV manual indicates that 720p and 1080i are supported modes.
I am almost certain that the picture I have now on 480p is not as
good as I had before, and the fact that I got the 'Not supported
mode' message immediately after I took the 1212 out of the loop
suggests that the DVR had either been in 720p or 1080i all this time.

Any idea why I all of a sudden can't get 720p or 1080i?
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Thanks DogLover and allenn for your responses. Turns out the problem was
just as allenn described, only Component 2 & 3 are capable of the higher
resolutions, and I had my HR-20 going through the 1212 into Component 1.

I can only assume the 1212 was downconverting the signal from the HR20 so
that I had a picture on Component 1.

1080i looks a lot better now that it's *actually* 1080i... :)
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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