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No audio on mpeg2 channels, ok on mpeg4

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Good afternoon all....

This has to be a setting I have wrong or something. I have a HR20-100 and am using the component out for video and rca left and right for audio.

I am getting no channel audio on any mpeg2 delivered channel. All of the mpeg4 delivered channels (HD) are working as they should.

If I make a "mistake" with the remote I do get the bong sound when tuned to an mpeg2 delievered channel, just no channel audio.

I have tried every audio setting I can think of with no change.

Any ideas?


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I seem to remember having a similar problem several months back and resetting the receiver corrected it.
I had the same issue this week on a HR10-250 on just the OTA channels. While on the phone with tech support they had me restart it and it cleared up.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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