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No Habs-Flames?

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Directv apparently isn't showing tonight's Habs-Flames game, either on NHLCI or elsewhere.

Or is it? The page where Directv sells the package says it'll be on, in SD, on ch. 783 tonight at 9P EST.

But both the online guide and the guide on my receiver shows no game, there or elsewhere.

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Flames fan here and it shows in my guide on 783...SD only.
Yes, thank you, I see it now and have it set to record. Not sure why it wasn't there this morning, but I'll take it.

BTW, DTV has really upped its game for me with Hockey Night in Canada of late, always showing both Saturday's pregame and early game in their entirety, and then carrying the late game and postgame within NHLCI. Well done.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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