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No internet services, yet...

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i have 4 HD DVR's.
3 out of the four work perfectly fine no problems, running national release.

from my main HD DVR i can download movies and shows from on demand and i can listen to pandora yet i cannot get score updates via the red button or anything else when i push the right arrow to bring up the apps.

when i run the internet setup it is saying that im not connected to the internet yet im able to do some internet related tasks.

all receivers are connected to my router via the CCk and except for the DVR in question all others state they are connected to the internet and receive relevant info from the internet just fine. (score updates etc..)

i have so far done a remote initiated restart, rbr and a power cycle on the dvr.

power cycle on the CCK.

complete reset on my router as well as power cycle. (via my router config menu i am able to see the DVRs as well as from my PS3 i can see all 4)

the DVR in question is a HR24-200 any help or suggestions would be appreciated since its football season and this is when i actually use the score guide

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Find out what address range your routers DHCP is set to assign. Then go into network setup on the HR24 and configure a static IP address outside of that range. Once you are connected, go to the two services ports, and assign them a static number, go into your router, and forward those two ports to the IP address you entered for your DVR. Then check again, and it should work.
You need to provide more info.

List all your DVR's by model number.
How is the CCK connected to your DVR's and router?
Which DVR doesn't work?

The more you can describe your configuration the better someone can tell you what is causing you a problem.
DVR # Model Internet Connected

1 HR24-200 No
2 HR24-500 Yes
3 HR24-200 Yes
4 HR22-100 Yes

CCK is connected to my router via a Cat5 Patch cable
System is the 5 LNB SWIM with an unknown size multiswitch

everything used to work fine if all else fail i guess i can start assigning static ip address to the affected DVR
Suggest swapping HR24 number 1 with either number 2 or number 3. Lets see if the problem follows the DVR or stays in the original location.
Did you do Restore Network Default? Then run Connect Internet if Test Internet turned into that option after doing the Restore.

Before you start moving STBs around.
yea reset defaults on the network settings menu is what fixed it so far
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