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No LOS to 110 and 119 satellites, will they still install?

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I can get clear LOS to the main 3 satellites 99 101 and 103 but over 60% sure they won't be able to get signal from the 110 and 119. Will that affect my service at all or stop them from installing?
Edit: I am trying to get the premier package with HD channels adn they told me it would be a 5 NLB or whatever the 3 letter combination is dish.
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Yes, see if you can have them note that you need a Slimline 3 (or SL3) antenna & LNB because you know that a Slimline 5 will not work due to line of sight issues. SL3 are available if they are needed like in your situation, but the default is SL5 and what the installer is more likely to have.
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