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No mini guide on 355 (CNBC)?

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Strange issue...

On my bedroom TV (Panasonic TC-32LX85) I notice that when I'm tuned to CNBC (355) and hit the info button, the screen image shifts slightly upwards and the info bar comes down, albeit slow.

However, the strange issue is when I press the mini guide button (blue button), the screen image still shifts slightly upwards, but the mini guide doesn't appear.

I tried to replicate this problem on other channels all seem to be working fine. Granted I didn't test every single channel, but I tested a large group of channels around 355 and most channels I tune into.

I don't think this is a TV related issue, as I thought that maybe I had 1:1 pixel mapping on, but this TV doesn't have that feature.

This is on a HR21-100.

BTW - This issue doesn't exist on my HR21-700 in the living room.



JerseyReef - Mike
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Moved to the HD DVR forum.
I am surprised you are seeing the info bar unless it is immediately after you tune to the channel as CNBC has gone interactive during the Olympics.

Try hitting the Exit button to clear the interactive layer then try the miniguide.
Stuart - Wasn't sure why you moved this to the HD DVR forum, but no harm no foul! :)

Tony - The info bar can be open opened regardless if the station is showing Olympics coverage or regular programing (I just tried it). Anyway, I'm watching during normal programming, so the interactive menu is a moot issue.

Any thoughts on why the screen image is being shifted upwards when the info or mini guide is selected, but only on this channel?


JerseyReef - Mike
I've tried rebooting the rcvr and still have the issue. I'm I the only one who has seen this issue?


JerseyReef - Mike
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