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Was doing sat transponder tests, when suddenly no signals from any sats. The box wasn't givening me zeros, just wasn't giving me anything. Just -- everywhere.

Every single channel was dark. The guide the menus the system.. all working fine, just the channels were all dark. (black.. nothing on)

So i'm restarting the receiver (h22) .. will post what happens.

Is anyone else having this issue?

I'm connecting with HDMI..I have the black B Band Convertors. Just got installed last week. Been 100% fine untill now.

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danjfoley said:
yup everything is back to normal, but i don't like that this happened. Is this something i'm going to have to get used to doing? Did it have something to do with me testing sat signal strength?
Who knows why? It happened to me once since I have had my HR20-700, which is about 15 months now.

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cb7214 said:
did a reboot still no even transponders
This is very likely to be a connector issue somewhere in your antenna line.
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