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No St. Louis HD locals

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My zip code allows me to receive St. Louis locals as "Neighboring Locals". Should I also be seeing the 4 HD channels that are available to subscribers in the St. Louis DMA?
I do see good signal strength on the 103 Network 14 on 3 transponders.
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You should if you get the St. Loius SD feeds. What county are you in?
I'm in Alton, IL just outside of St. Louis and I get ABC/CBS/FOX/NBC via
DirecTV HD feed using the 5 LNB dish.
mhayes70 said:
You should if you get the St. Loius SD feeds. What county are you in?
I do get the St.Louis SD feeds. I am in Perry Co. MO (63775)
According to DirecTV's website:

HD Local Channels: High-definition (HD) local channels from DIRECTV are not available in your area at this time.

If you put your ZIP code in http://www.directv.com/locals
tjjd said:
I do get the St.Louis SD feeds. I am in Perry Co. MO (63775)
I put your zip code in for Perryville and it says you only get Cape and Paducah not St. Louis locals. So that is why you don't get HD locals. How do you get the SD feed of St. Louis locals?
The OP gets the significantly viewed channels, but they are only SD channels.

Available Neighboring Local Channels
Network Affiliate Originating City Local Channel # 3-Digit Channel # (older receivers)
i WPXS St Louis MO 13 889
FOX KTVI St Louis MO 2 884
MNT WRBU St Louis MO 46 892
CW KPLR St Louis MO 11 888
CBS KMOV St Louis MO 4 885
Ind KNLC St Louis MO 24 890
PBS KETC St Louis MO 10 887
NBC KSDK St Louis MO 5
ABC KDNL St Louis MO 30 891
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Which of course means if the OP is to get "HD locals", the OP must first have the Paducah/Cape locals in HD before the St. Louis ones can be offered.
Now that I didn't know. I didn't know they would give you the SV HD locals, too.

It makes sense.
i know this is the case in january. has the situation changed at all?

i heard of "someone" getting both SD STL channels and HD STL channel and his zipcode is 63775. i would go ask this person but its a friend of a friend of a friend. just hate to bother him.

i would like to know if 63775 area code gets HD locals from STL or not.

Perry County, MO can get SD locals from STL, but not HD locals from STL or Cape at this time. That may change when D* 10 and/or 11 get up and operational. But at this time, those zips do not.

Also, even if you are within the DMA, you still may not get HD locals. An example of this would be Troy, MO (63379). Directv.com/local states: Yes! Local channels are available in your area: St Louis MO - No HD Locals 63379 We have provided a complete list of local stations and channel numbers below.

Hope this is the info that you need.:)
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