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No such thing as Web Anonymity but....

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I have afriend who is the admin for another board that is far more contentious than this board or any similar forum have ever dreamed of being. He bragged about new software that not only reveals IP address but that overcomes----somehow attempts to use proxies or anonymous servers and even reveals the machine ID of posters.

I have prfoundly mixed feelings. For one thing I woder if it is true---or if the software is as foolproof as he claims. But I also see why an admin of such a board would want this and why posters would not necessarily like it. Benign though the intent might be it is still thought provoking.

What are your thoughts on this? Maybe this belongs in the potpourri forum. Maybe it does not belong here at all. And yes I know my IP is traceable to the mods here---and i don't mind.
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