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No volume control on Denon Rec with RC65RBX remote

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I have a RC65RBX remote controlling a HR24=500 using RF with no issues. Denon AVR-3808CI controls entertaiment center. RC65RBX remote won't control volume after setup. It finds code from HR24 and controls volume until I choose "it worked" and then it no longer works. I have locked the volume in advanced setup but still doesn't work. It won't control volume even after sliding selector swith on remote to AV1.
Any ideas?
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Volume keys won't work unless theres a tv code programmed to the tv device, without a tv code the volume keys only initiate a message at the bottom of the receiver screen, to program the tv device. Once theres a tv code, yours or whoevers, then lock the volume to the Audio device.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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