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No yes on E*...and BLACKED OUT ON ESPN 140!

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I am so irate about not to see the Yankees/Redsox on ch. 140 (Espn) because Yes Network has the rights....I don't even get yes on E* or cablevison...How in the world can I see these games besides D*. I hope yes goes bankrupt....They seem to be the monopoly of sports....Ridiculous!!!
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Or just switch to DirecTV. Then you'd have it.
This happens with FOX West 2 in Los Angeles with the Dodgers. It's happened for years and years and years and yarins or whatever Starbuck said on Galatica. :) Thankfully, this comes to an end soon when FOX West 2 is FINALLY added to the Dish Network family shortly.

There's nothing you can do about it except get DirecTV for YES. Unless you wait for Dish to pony up for YES. This could take a long time. YES is only available on DirecTV and some cable systems. It's not available in digital format on c-band. :)
E* had the chance to pay for Yes and it has been debated long and hard in this and other forums. E* decided not to pay the fees for Yes network for whatever reason they chose, thereby eliminating all of those subs in the NYC area from receiving Yankees games. Send a message to Charlie letting him know your dislike of HIS decision.
But I like his decision Karl, as my rates would have gone up to pay for a channel I can't get!
How do you figure? I don't get YES and my DirecTV rates didn't go up. Thats just what Dish says to not spend money.

#352 of the reason why I don't want Dish to buy DirecTV. CHEAP!
I am also a D* sub and my rates went down last year around the time D* added YES. No YES and no Hartford locals - seems E* really wants those NE subscribers, but that's another topic :)
YES is available nationwide, just not the MLB games. I get to watch the Staten Island Yankees over the summer. (I have family on Staten Island, so I like to catch a game or two)

They have lots of other programing, pre- and post-game shows, classic Yankees games, etc.

I'm not even a Yanks fan, I just can't stand the falsehood that YES is not available except in the NYC area.
OK, you can get YES nation wide, but can't watch Yankee games on it without MLB EI. Unless I purchase MLB EI, I can't watch Yankee games on YES. That is why its really not available nationwide. Who would watch YES for its programming?
Well then it's the same as any other RSN. I don't know why it's being singled out. (except for NY bias, or Yankee bashers or big money haters, etc)

Unless, if I recall, YES demanded to be on the basic tier of programming. If so, then YES is just wrong. It's sportspak or nothing, except in the NYC DMA where they should be part of the same tier as the other NY RSNs.

Why would someone watch the programming? Because there are yankees fans nationwide? Because some people like to have everything? I just watched a little of pre-game on YES before the Red Sox-Yanks game on ESPN2 Monday.

Also, some other coverage other than MLB is on YES. As I said minor league stuff--both A and AAA level (and the Yanks are probably moving their AA team to Trenton NJ, so we may see some of that on YES next summer), plus there's Arena Football and some soccer, I believe. And the Nets are moving to YES next season, I think, so NBA fans might want pre- and post-game coverage for them, too.
OK, but Yankee games are not available outside the NYC area. I don't think anyone is singling out YES. All thats been said is that DirecTV added it for no cost for subs and Dish doesn't want to add it because they would have to increase their rates. It isn't a Yankee discussion, its a DirecTV/Dish discussion.
ALL RSNs YES included are available outside of their basic area. having said that all MLB, NHL and NBA regualr season games are blaclkd out outside of their coverage area.

So yes you can watch pre game shows. Minor league or amateur sports. Sports news. Lots of things. But not the events that are the drawing card for these channels.

The only thing "special" about YES is that DISH has chosen not to provide it and DTV has. With DTV and most cable systems in NY it is part of the baxic packages. Outside that area it can only be seen by buying one of the sports packages.
If your a late night person , you can catch almost every Yankee game at 11 or 11:30 pm eastern time. The next morning they replay them also. YES replays all the Yankee games and you dont need EI to get the replays
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