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Approximately 2 weeks ago ATT sent out a firmware upgrade for their 3801 modem/router. One week ago I had an HR34 and 2 HR25s added to my home. I still have an HR20-700 and an HR22-100 connected via ethernet. I use a Linksys WRT610N router with 3 Linksys switches throughout the house. In the media room which contains all 3 HRs I have an 8-port switch. Yesterday for the first time since both the Uverse changes and the new DTV equipment I tried to download some programs to Nomad. Some of them worked, but I had several instances of the Nomad losing connection to the PC during the downloading. I tried programs that were on both the HR22 and HR34 and the problem occurred during both of those. Last night I reset the switch, the Nomad, the BBDeca for the HR34, and the router by unplugging and restarting them all. The problem is still there. Any ideas?

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I don't know that I can follow your set up due to all the switches but it reads like a mix of DECA and ethernet.

The HR34 has built in DECA and you have a BBDECA. So it's trying to use that.
If you have an ethernet connection into the HR34 as well, that might be confusing things.

The HR34 can act as a bridge from the ethernet port.

Meaning, run an ethernet cable to our router that assigns DHCP. This becomes your DECA bridge. Only the HR34 can do it.

Remove the BBDECA, I don't see it needed with the HR34 bridge.
Then have all the HR's and PC on same net/subnet as the HR34.

I believe the H25's (not HR25) will pull DECA info from the HR34 if this is a SWM system. If not you need a SWM system.

Given the H25's , we may need a sys drawing from you to get this mix of DECA non DECA going.

PS: reboot everything after wiring changes.
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