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Non-authorized Sony Dealership

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Somewhere I once read that Sony wil not honor their warranty for a purchase from a non-authorized dealership. I am interested in purchasing a Sony Bravia XBR TV from a internet site that is not a Sony authorized dealership. This site is both BBB Accredited and a CNET Certified Store. I have verified both these claims. Does anyone know if Sony will honor their 1 year inhouse warranty if you purchase a Sony TV from a non-Sony authorized dealership?
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According to the warranties that came with my 2 Sony blu-ray players no. The product must be purchased from Sony or a Sony retailer. From the Sony site here is a list of on line Sony retailers.
Olguy - I appreciate your response and for providing the website for Sony authorized internet dealerships. Like you, I fall into the same old geezer catagory.
Remember if there is any repair needed you will have to take it to the Sony service center. So unless you have a local service center it will be a pain to get the service from your online source. While the chances are slim that you will need warranty service it might be wise to find a local dealer and purchase from them.Unless you have been through the nightmare of why cant I get my TV fixed from the online or big box stores you dont realize how the good the personal service of the small guy can be.
I can never understand how people can gamble that much money, on something that large, from an online retailer they don't even know?!?!
You read so many stories on the internet about this kind of thing: from just bad service taking way to long to get thier TV, to people getting outright screwed (box of plywood instead of TV).

SPEND A FEW HUNDRED DOLLARS MORE AND BUY LOCAL. Better yet, buy from a place that has experts in what they're selling. You might find you were not even buying what you really needed or was good for the money. Since everyone seems to be a ^&* video expert themselves these days :rolleyes:
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