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Noob Question: Why do I want 61.5?

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I'm thinking of switching to Dish (from DirecTV) and I think I've got most of questions answered, but one I can't seem to fully grasp is all the hubub surrounding 61.5.

I'm in the Detroit DMA, and I read somewhere that my locals are now 'available' on 61.5.

From what I can pickup on the forum, that appears to be a good thing. But I can't seem to figure out why!

It seems like that I would need two dishes (1000.2 and one to pickup 61.5) to do that - is it really worth it? Are they in MPEG 4 on 61.5 and MPEG 2 on 129 - is that the big deal? I plan on using an OTA antenna for locals anyway (to pickup subchannels), so I likely won't even use the Dish locals. I realize though that I still have to buy them to pickup my local RSN.

Any insight/advice would be appreciated!
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A "wing dish" is an additional dish that points off to the side. Dish 500 gets 110/119, Dish 1000 gets 110/119/129. Neither can get the side slots on the same dish.
148          129 119 110                   61.5
Detroit's HD locals at 118.75° actually require the larger Dish 1000+. With the move to 61.5° you need 2 regular-size dishes, or someday the Eastern Arc dish.
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