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Noob Question: Why do I want 61.5?

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I'm thinking of switching to Dish (from DirecTV) and I think I've got most of questions answered, but one I can't seem to fully grasp is all the hubub surrounding 61.5.

I'm in the Detroit DMA, and I read somewhere that my locals are now 'available' on 61.5.

From what I can pickup on the forum, that appears to be a good thing. But I can't seem to figure out why!

It seems like that I would need two dishes (1000.2 and one to pickup 61.5) to do that - is it really worth it? Are they in MPEG 4 on 61.5 and MPEG 2 on 129 - is that the big deal? I plan on using an OTA antenna for locals anyway (to pickup subchannels), so I likely won't even use the Dish locals. I realize though that I still have to buy them to pickup my local RSN.

Any insight/advice would be appreciated!
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First off, all HD will be mpeg4 on August 1st, there will be no mpeg2 HD after that date. Dish mirrors all National HD on both 61.5 and 129 and is putting some dma's up on 61.5 as it is easier to get, other areas have no problem getting 129. You would need a Dish 500 for 110 and 119 and a wing dish for 61.5. You do not need a Dish 1000. If you do not subscribe to your locals, your OTA guide will not have any info. Your RSN is available on the programing package AT100+ or above, not on your local package.
Redlinetire said:
Thanks for the great info garys and BobaBird - I really appreciate it.

I did not realize that the RSN did NOT require the locals package, am I correct in assuming then that the RSNs are on CONUS (I think that's the term) and not a local spot beam? I will simply get it by subscribing to a AT100 or higher package?

If so, I may just continue with my current setup for locals (antenna+TiVo).
You need AT100+ (AT100 package + locals or higher), AT 100 does not have rsn's as part of the package. Yes, rsn's are Conus = Continental United States.
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