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NorCal: 119 Transponder 5

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Looks like Northern California now has three Spotbeams. From my check....

1 - Spotbeam ~55 (spillover from another beam)
3 - No signal
5 - Peaking at 125, however, listed as Transponder, not Spotbeam. :confused: :shrug:
7 - Spotbeam at 125
9 - No Signal

Also checked Dsih 500 screen, and they changed the transponder from 1 to 6.

As for Sacrametno locals.... still at 119 with Univision 19 at 148. Will check in the morning, but I'm betting more SF locals will be moved to the spot instead of Sacramento.
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Similar results here in the SF Bay Area,
except no signal at #1
did anything ever come of this? Should I rush-order my 2nd dish before the move the locals back? :)
As of this morning, Sacramento locals were still on 110 and 148.
Okay, Transponder 5 is now saying "Spotbeam", but I'm wondering if that spotbeam covers Nevada. Hmmmm.....
Yup! Reno and Fresno locals will be on TP5 with some Fresno locals on TP 7

See ya
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