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Northpoint Pushes Compass DBS System

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Northpoint Technology, the Washington, D.C.,-based company developing a terrestrial wireless system using DBS frequencies, has been meeting with commissioners and staff at the Federal Communications Commission to discuss its proposed satellite service.

The company has been pushing its Compass DBS system, which would supplement its wireless offering, at the Portals since its introduction this past Spring. During a meeting with Commissioner Kathleen Abernathy last week, Northpoint officials asked that the FCC place the Compass DBS proposal on public notice.

Northpoint executives pointed out that the FCC has moved on SES Americom's DBS proposal, which would put a satellite at 105.5 degrees if SES' plans win approval. During its FCC meetings, the company also raised concerns with the reassignment of Western orbital DBS locations to EchoStar. The Compass/Northpoint meetings are described in various ex parte filings at the commission.

In April, the commission approved spectrum-sharing in the DBS band, a service being developed by Northpoint and others, known as the Multichannel Video and Data Distribution Service (MVDDS). Satellite interests fought the spectrum-sharing move, concerned that the wireless services would interfere with their offerings.

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I love my DirectTV, but I would love to see more competitors in the DBS markets. Maybe I would be able to get affordable satelitte internet service out here in the sticks and be able to choose my programming rather than having 60 channels that I never view.


So what you are saying is that your local cable company has to set you up? If that is the case maybe Time Warner can hook me up as I am at the divide where cable service stopped. Their web site seems to point me in that direction. Do you know if you are able to get your locals in your area without the cable lifeline? Like always thanks for your responses to my questions.

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