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Not all VOD cahnnels working

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My HR21-700 accidentally became unplugged. Before this happened I had all VOD channels available, and could download programs from all of them. It has been hours since my receiver was restarted, and I only have about 15 VOD cahnnels showing up. When I try to go to the missing VOD channels directly through the guide, a message says the channel is currently not available. What's gong on here? Is this just me, or is it happening for everyone right now? is there a trick to getting the rest of my VOD channels to work?
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I have read that it may take up to 24 hours to repopulate.
Apparently VOD guide data is not stored to the drive so it is lost upon a reboot. Regular guide info is now stored on the drive although it wasn't always that way. VOD data should build in the next few hours and fully in approximately 24.
It took me a little over 24 hours for all of the channels to reappear.
Everything was back to normal last night, so it took about 6 hours.
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