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OK, after red buttoning twice for a reset my 34 was working fine for a while, but today the sporadically missing daily recordings stuck once again for Young and the Restless, Bold and the Beautiful and General Hospital.

Only thing different this time I was using the DVR when I noticed it was happening as General Hospital was still on the air. I did notice the Red Light was on the DVR at the time of the recording, but General Hospital was not in my list. So I went over to that channel to record it when it told me it was already recording and asked me if I wanted to cancel. I said no and went back to my list to check and it was not there. I also tried to rewind GH but it would not let me go past the point of what time I turned it on.

So I hit record and canceled and hit it again to record. Now it is recording and in my list.

I am not the only person who is experiencing this with this DVR. There is a thread about this on the DirecTV Forum, you can see that thread here (http://forums.directv.com/pe/elementDisplayRedirect.jsp?elementID=10100104&channelID=1&portalPageId=1002)

Is there a way I can report this other then calling up and going through the useless tech support.
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