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Not since Lou Gehrig replaced Wally Pipp...

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Who among us will be able to forget the day that the Cleveland Indians replaced Milton "Game Boy" Bradley with Coco Crisp.

John Corn, who's your next center fielder?!?
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Hey, at least its not Karim Garcia.... :lol:

Bradley's not Kenny Lofton's replacement. Other than being a CF they aren't the same type of guy. Bradley is a future #2 or #3 most likely 3. Crisp is the heir to Lofton in the lead off spot but most likely being in LF. But, don't be surprised to see Coco skip AAA and be in Cleveland next year out of camp or start in Buffalo and be up here by the All Star break. (again, if baseball even exists)

I'm loving his speed......this dude can haul it!

I am coocoo for coco crisp. :D

His real name is Covelli Crisp, his grandma called him co for short and then his friends starting calling him coco,so thats how it happened!!!!
Coco played on Saturday when I was at the game. This guy can run! He looks to be a keeper for sure in the big leagues. I saw a fan trying to get a Cocoa Krispies box signed before the game down the right field line. If the box is brown then you need a red sharpie or something light colored you would think? He's going to be a good one for sure on defense.
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