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Odd anomaly -- one of those "Hunh!" moments

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I have taken to the workaround practice of tuning to an unsubbed channel just to keep the PIP from trying to sell me "shamwows" or car insurance I'm really not interested in when I delete whatever recording I'm through watching.

I also have my HR20 (well, "their" HR20, since it's leased) connected to two TVs, a 60" Sony HD and a 36" Sony SD in the same room. Last night I deleted a program and the PIP came up.

What was in the PIP? It depends on where you were looking. On one set it had a garbage frame from the end of a program I had deleted HOURS EARLIER, while on the other set there was nothing in the PIP but black.

I can understand a garbage frame popping up when there is no video, I've seen that a lot and in a lot of different places, I just thought it odd that one PIP acted differently than the other, especially when they are essentially the same PIP.
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The 60" is connected via HDMI and the 36" is connected via S-Video or composite, correct?

The 60" was showing the garbage frame and the 36" was black?

Tune to channel 100. Do both TV's show the same thing?
yes, but just in the PIP. The EPG is there on both.
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