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current national release

I've only had the blank recording experience a couple of times and never with current software release...until now

All recordings from last night, Friday, and today gave the immediate Delete Now when I attempted to play them.

Thursday night I recorded Burn Notice off USA at 7pm local time. At 8:30 we had a wicked monsoon storm with lots of rain and wind come through and I got the not unexpected 771 searching for satellite. So we watched Burn Notice from the recording.

Last night we watched the Olympics I saw the record light on for Monk and Psych on USA and Swingtown on the local CBS off the satellite. I have those on series links along with SHO Penn&Teller and IFC SpeedGrapher. Saturday we record Chris Matthews at 5.

I also recorded a number of HD movies off the premium channels Friday and Saturday.

Plenty of disk space at approximately 50%.

Tonight I go to watch Chris Matthews - immediate Delete? or Keep.
Checked Monk, Psych - same result.

Did a system reset - not the reset everything.
Tested a recording and it works.
During the reset I got the rebuilding series links notice.

After the reset everything that was recorded since the storm was gone from the disk.

No lightning near us during the storm and we did not have a power loss.

As I said recording is now working again. But it does seem weird and leaves me a little less trusting of this release.
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