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Odd bug? Anyone else seen this?

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I was watching a recorded show yesterday. When I was done I hit exit, and it started to load the playlist screen. There was a show playing in the top right corner, and that was it. The blue playlist loading screen (not sure if this is the BSOD bug?) sat there with the show on the tuner playing in the top right corner.
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From the Catalog of HR20 Bugs:

Bug Name: Lockup AKA: Crash or freeze, remote not working

Prognosis: Fatal, Requires Reboot

History/Status: Currently active in 0x10b, experienced in every version of code. Also lumped in with BSOD

First Identified Report: 08-25-06, 08:39 PM by Gotchaa in "HR20 Owners BUG Reports" - System freezes, 2 so far: 1 complete freeze while watching recorded program, 1 freeze with active channel, but unresponsive from remote and panel.
There are eariler posts of freezing with the HR20 but there is not much supporting documentation.

Symptom: Remote and front panel is unusable, but video and audio will continue to play. This can happen on a full screen of video or in one of the menus where the video will continue to play in the PIL box. Often confused with a broken remote or bad batteries, this can be tested by trying to control the HR20 from the front panel, if the front panel also fails to control the HR20 you have locked up.

Common Example of user having the lockup bug from 0x10b Software Update Thread

Treatment: Requires rebooting
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Milkman said:
Thanks BT.

With the huge list of bugs, it is sometimes hard to find the exact symptom I experienced :)
That is why I tried to segment them

1. The bugs that require a reboot
2. Bugs that impact a recording
3. User experience bugs
4 OTA bugs

Hope that helps
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