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Odd case, had HSP show up on my install

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I started a job and about 15 mintues into it an HSP guy rolls in wondering if im installing apt 3.

Yup. For Ms Campbell....Yup.

turns out the Century Link agent tried stealing the sale when the customer had called in to setup internet.......weird. The customer had originaly signed up at Sams club.

Century Link built another account and sent HSP out to do the install.

This guy was a class act.....wow....good thing i dont work for corporate. He asked if i was updating the current dish to swm....NOPE....well you have too....NOPE....why would i do that? Wel it wont pass IV......it wont? sure it will it passes on all the installs ive ever done, many campers with legacy lnbs.

Well then you need to swap to swm 8.....I do? what for? wont pass IV, it wont? why would i switch to swm?? SO when one tenant moves out the other two units would lose service and cause a service call?? WTH would anyone convert a legacy to swm for absolutely no reason, no MRV, no decas involved at all.

Is this really HSP policy??? take out a fool proof system and make it so tenants lose service for 2 weeks when one tenants moves out and takes the power inserter with them?? Wouldnt be that big of deal if HSP wasnt 2 weeks out for service calls.

Then he went on to say how the clear cap lnb wouldnt pass iv as the 99 sat wouldnt have high enough signal.....huh?? Ok i guess if it doesnt i will replace it. NOPE, passed IV, no need to swap out lnb.

WTH, do these guys on know whats in the training videos? They cant even think for themselves??

Glad i dont have to deal with this ****.......
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