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First, 521 shows up twice. One for HD, one for not HD.

My kids wanted to watch Open Season on channel 521 HD. I tuned to it. It asked me to pay $4.99 for the showing. Um, I subscribe to this channel, why would I suddenly have to pay an outrageous $5 to see it?

Then i went to channel 520. on the HD channel it's "Spiderman 3" on the non HD, i get a sunday ticket notice.

What kind of random goofiness is this? This is with an HR21-700.

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I've got the same thing but with 236 E!, 241 Spike HD and 242 USAHD. 236 is just a grey screen, 241 is a "Channel not purchased) and 242 is acting like a PPV channel. I'm doing a restart and we'll see what happens.

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My 242 USAHD channel was showing the grey screen during Psych and asking for $4.99 to view it and it is now showing a Nascar Hotpass Informercial or something. I don't watch NASCAR and haven't subscribed to it. I am rebooting now and it seems to be taking twice as long as it usually does, but I'm not going to touch it until it makes it back on.

Makes me want to ask if there is a ROOKIE on the floor. :)


After Reboot, I still have the Nascar Hotpass with a Race starting in 20 minutes. Calling CSR now.

Update 2 --

By the time I got to the CSR, someone had fixed my problem.

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rickeame said:
Okay, and none of the HD Sunday Ticket channels are showing up for me at all on my non DVR HR21. *sigh*

What a mess.
Did you add channels 700-718 to your favorites list?
Remember they don't add them for you.

If so, I'd reboot your receiver with all your problems.
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